Comparing mobile home investing to multi-family investing

Updated: Jan 11

Hey everyone! Sharnice and Byron here.

We are comparing the differences between multifamily investing and mobile home investing. For those that like to invest in the multifamily and single-family market, we suggest diversifying with mobile home investing and we want to show you how.

Multifamily homes are long-term investments that require lots of money down with little return. For example, if you purchase a multifamily 3 flat for 100k and live in one unit while renting the other two out for $900 a month you can earn $108k within 5 years. Those are great numbers! You made your money back and earned $8,000 on top of that.

Now compare that with mobile homes. Let's start with that same 100k. Most mobile homes cost an average of $5,000 depending on your market. That gives you the potential to purchase 20 mobile homes! Putting those mobile homes on a rent-to-own program will net you $6000 a month. Realistically, these will not all be rented at once but keep in mind the monthly rent for these will be $300. Once added all up that is $360,000 you just earned in the same 5 years that it takes to earn $108k with multifamily homes.

Watch the video below for a more in-depth discussion on multifamily vs mobile homes.

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