Learn how to find your 1st mobile home investment in 5 days

(Claim your assets + win in real estate through this back-door path)

Unlock our premium training on how to find your 1st mobile home in 5 days


We’ll show you the ropes and give you access to everything we’ve learned over our 5 years in mobile home investing and building 3.2 million in assets, while teaching people just like you how to do the same.

who are we?

Hey fam,

We’re Byron and Sharnice

Back in 2017 we didn’t know anything about mobile home investing and on top of that we were about to put ourselves in a load of debt. 


It all started one day when Byron was working for Lyft, we didn’t have a lot of funds, and I wasn’t working at the time. 


We knew something had to change, and that’s when Byron heard a podcast as he was driving around. This podcast was his entry way into mobile home investing, and once I listened to it I knew we had to go full throttle. 


Now, I just said that we didn’t have any money, right? 


We took out a $10k loan and decided we had nothing to lose


This $10k loan with a 24% interest rate would turn out to be our first $19,000 in the mobile home investing!!


Ever since then, we’ve been helping hundreds of students across the country to get a jump start in this industry while closing on hundreds of mobile homes and even acquiring four mobile home parks. 


We’re ALL about helping our community build wealth in a sustainable way. 

Can You build a 6 or 7-figure business with mobile homes Too?

(We can only imagine what kind of success story you’ll have!)

After completing this 5-day challenge, you’ll have everything you need to find and flip your first mobile home, while avoiding costly mistakes like: 


✔ Purchasing a home in the wrong market

✔ A lack of understanding as a beginner in the industry

✔ Analyzing a home improperly

✔ Missing out on large opportunities

✔ Difficulties in sourcing a property

Dollar Bills


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Did You Know?

“Approximately 22 million people live in manufactured or mobile homes in the United States, according to the manufactured housing industry statistics." (Movity) 


The market is wide open and waiting for you to jump in and grab your piece of the pie. 


Now, let’s view the 5-day agenda…

Training syllabus for each day of the challenge: 

Day 1: The Future of Mobile Home Investing


We’re educating you on the future of this billion dollar industry. You will learn why mobile home investing is one of the best paths to build wealths and eliminate any objections you have of becoming a mobile home investor.

Day 2: How to Source a Mobile Home

We’re sharing with you creative ways to find affordable mobile homes. We’ve found mobile homes for as little as $4k (sometimes for free)

Day 3: Analyzing Mobile Homes


We are teaching you the most important questions to ask when analyzing a mobile home. Some mobile homes will make a great flip and some aren’t worth the investment simply because the mobile home may have to be moved.

Day 4: Market Research

We’ve had students make 10k+ on flips in states such as Georgia to California.


As you know, the cost of living is different in each market, so we will spend this day teaching you how to do market research for mobile homes in your region. 


Day 5: How To Purchase A Mobile Home

By Day 4, you will have basic market information about your region, you will understand how to find mobile homes, and know what types of mobiles homes to avoid and invest in.


Now it’s time to talk about all of the essentials you need to have in place to purchase your first mobile home. (We will go over contracts, title info, etc.)

Can you see where you’ll fit into this BILLION DOLLAR market?


The time has come for you to grab your slice of the pie and create a real legacy for your family. 


The Future of Mobile Home Investing


How to source a mobile home


Analyzing Mobile Homes


Market Research


How To Purchase A Mobile Home

It was possible for Nichole, it can be possible for you too. Hear from one of our student's who is now our head coach.

It’s now or never fam, the tools you need to reconstruct your life are a tap away.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the vip and general admission

The vip ticket comes with exclusive access to Sharnice and Byron where you are able to network and ask any questions about mobile home investing.

What if I want a refund?

There are no refunds granted for the 5-day challenge.

What if I can't attend one day of the challenge?

Recordings will be sent out and you will have access to the recordings for 24 hours.

When does the challenge start?

If you are a VIP member, you will join class via a zoom link at 5:15 PM CST each of the 5 days. The VIP session will be held for 45 minutes and we will begin class at 6 PM which will be inside of the fb group.

 If you are a general ticker holder, class starts at 6 PM CST each day.

The first day of the challenge will be February 7th and the last day will be February 11th.